This is Quitting

Quitting Anything Can Kick Your Ass. But the whole
                  Internet is in your corner.
Quitting Anything Can Kick Your Ass. But the whole Internet
                  is in your corner.

Text QUIT to 706-222-QUIT to leave JUUL or your e-cig.
Text QUITNOW to 202-759-6436 to quit cigarettes.

Real quitters' posts from around the Internet
('cause you're not the only one quitting)

2019 resolution is to quit the juul because it's an
                  annoying expense and I'm sick of it

Free text messages to keep your quit on track
no matter what you're quitting.

I'm here to help you quit
            JUUL or any other e-cigarette. Know when you want to quit? Text
            back that date (mm/dd). Not sure yet? That's cool too - let's do
            2 weeks together to help you figure it out. Reply MORE for more 
            info. Geylah says "Take a
            strong, deep breath. Inhale, hold it for two seconds and exhale
            while counting to three. Repeat until the urge passes--and yes, it
            will pass.

Structured quitting exercises when you want them.
Freestyle quits when you don't.

Punch it with your thumbs or shake the shit out of it. Hits 40 Nice! One bag down. Next Bag. Hits 100.


This is Quitting features:

Real quitters, revealed
Rage tweets and brag blogs straight from people trying to quit and stay quit. Inspiration, commiseration, all the feels. We couldn't make this stuff up.

Texts you actually want to get
Set your quit date and get advice tailored to your quit status. Not ready yet? We've got texts for that, too. Be anonymous. Your quitting secrets are safe with us.

Tons of training tools
Whether you need 1 try or 50 to take smoking or vaping down, we've got you covered. Our coaching crew, training exercises, and punching bags are open 24/7.


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